Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Why You Should Never Drive Without It

Auto insurance can be a huge expense for motorists—because of this, most drivers try to opt out of everything but the bare necessities for an insurance plan, thinking that more coverage means less money in their pockets. And while that might be true on a month to month basis, there are some plans that, in the long run, could actually save you money—and lots of it! Our years of experience handling personal injury and auto accident cases have given personal injury attorney everett some insight into murky matter.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a great example. PIP pays the medical care costs for the insured drivers and any others involved in the accident regardless of who was at fault. It the state of Washington, this addition to your insurance policy is viewed as so important that it is mandatory to be included in every policy unless it is waived, in writing, at the time of policy purchase.

Unfortunately, many drivers choose to waive PIP in order to lower their monthly auto insurance costs. In the end, waiving this small additional fee can cost them thousands of dollars.

If you are involved in even a minor auto accident, the financial ramifications can be enormous. Bills for the post-accident exams, X-rays, emergency room care, chiropractic care, and possible hospitalization costs for yourself and any other injured parties add up alarmingly quickly. The small amount that you’d thought was too much to spend each month seems like a small amount in comparison to the mounting medical bills.

In contrast, when you are hurt in an auto accident PIP money is available right away, regardless of fault, and it guarantees payment up to certain limits for medical expenses, wage loss, loss of services and funeral expenses. PIP will cover the person who is named as the insured, in addition to any passengers in the vehicle and pedestrians involved in the accident.

If you are in an accident and retain my firm’s legal services, we ensure that, if there is PIP coverage available, you are paid to the full extent allowed by law. Learn more about what to do if you’ve been in an accident by reading our free eBook on how our firm approaches  personal injury insurance claims. Contact our office if you have any questions about your auto accident and medical care.

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